Concert Season Style ft. Thrasher

I feel like my style is constantly evolving faster than I can fund my clothing obsession. I’m finding myself falling into more of the the “comfy streetwear” realm of things, but I’m here for it.

Graphic tees are my absolute favorite and Thrasher is no exception. I literally could live in their tees and even though I only own one sadly, I’ve scouted my local Zumiez for all of the other ones that I want, CAUSE I NEED MORE.

  • Shirt: Trasher via Zumiez
  • Biker Shorts – Fashion Nova
  • Shoes – Vans
  • Hat – adida

With Fall now in the air, I’m currently curating a bunch of new styles to bring to the blog over the next couple of months. Soon, my goal is to have both my website and my social networks mostly streetwear/leisure/athletic style clothing and I’m so exciting! I feel like there’s so much room in this space within the fashion vertical and I can’t wait to create looks inspired by all my favorite brands, old and new.

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