Saying Goodbye to 2019

2020 is nearly here.

The New Year is right around the corner and I’ve never been excited for a new year ( I MEAN NEW DECADE) to start. The last couple of months have been challenging for me. I was laid off unexpectedly in November right before Thanksgiving, which provided a jolt to my life that turned a negative moment into a series of new opportunities. I was upset of course at the outcome of that situation because I knew that I had provided value to the company I was at, worked my tail off, and hit all the goals laid out for me and those I planned for myself. It was challenging for myself as I really take pride in the work that I do. I don’t just show up for work. I truly aspire to be my best self and make as much impact as I can. I learned from that experience more life lessons: Life isn’t fair and it isn’t always about myself.

“From my layoff, came the job search, then came a 30-day notice to move only last week. “

I cried. I was angry. I wanted to blame the world. I had to literally hit a low point in order to bring myself back up again. Mentally, I was tired. I just refuse to quit. Instead of dwelling on all of the things outside my control, I want to instead focus on what is. I’m only in control of myself, but I’ve been so tired of feeling like the decisions in my life are constantly made for me. I’ve been stuck on the fact that I’m not yet where I want to be. So I made the decision that things need to change. I refuse to live my life like this anymore.

I wanted to share this story because honestly, bad shit will and does happen. This life is beautiful, but it’s painful at times. We all go through the rough times and struggle. One thing I take from this and the message I always tell myself is: Setbacks, not failures. I’ve taken this time off to focus on my passions, create content, work out, read, spending time with friends, goal-set, and plan out so much of my life. I’ve taken the time to give back to myself with the time that was so freely given to everything else and all I can say is, I’m better for this. I believe things happen FOR ME, not to me and there’s nothing I cannot do.

I’m going into this next decade so excited. I have so many plans that I know will come to be because I don’t have a Plan B. There’s only this Plan A. I’m so sure of what I want for my life and future and honestly bring it on. I’m embracing the challenges and the setbacks because they will always be there. Now I know, I can get through anything. I got laid off and secured a new opportunity within a few weeks. I got kicked out of my house and will be already moving. I’ve had so little at times, yet I’m in the process of building so much more. Be grateful for each and everyday. As we go into this new year, reflect back and plan concrete goals for the next one. Stay positive through challenging times. You got this!

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