Whismical Winter ft. Goodfair

“I’ve found my new favorite online thrift store everybody, SOS!”

So, I’ve mentioned Goodfair (www.goodfair.com) on my blog previously, but let me tell you… I’ve become more obsessed. I literally just dropped on almost twenty new pieces and honestly, I’d order more in a heartbeat. From this order, not only did I get so many gems that you’ll soon see make their appearance on my blog, but I got two amazing Christmas sweaters as well so I had to create a look, duh.

How freaking cute is this sweater? It’s always chilly in the bay area, so I love layering sweaters with a thermal and jacket because the wind is just NO JOKE. I took a visit to Jack London Square in Oakland with my boyfriend to go and see the christmas tree and found the most epic spots to shoot this outfit during twilight right before it got dark.

Goodfair has all the pieces you may need. I normally stock up on windbreakers, sweaters and hoodies, vintage tees, and they even offer the cutest bundles if you want to get a small or large assortment of things. I’ve now ordered three times and I literally love more than 90% of the items so for those wanting to thrift more and are looking for a sustainable clothing company that is doing their part to make a positive impact on our environment please don’t hesitate to give Goodfair a try!

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