The Power of Self-Motivation

Self-Motivation can be the difference between success and failing to obtain your goals and lack of motivation truly KILLS. While it’s often easy to start something — whether it be a project or a task for a job or the first step in working towards building your dreams, most people have an extremely hard time motivating themselves to show up everyday to do the work. A lot of us fail because we don’t have the willingness to push and continue on. We become lazy or stagnant in our growth or we quit. Motivation goes hand in hand with consistency (which can be an entire blog topic of its own), and it can be difficult to find the source of motivation that works for you. There’s no one size fits all approach. What fuels and drives one person will be completely different for another, so it really is so important to find exactly what works for you and what continues to drive you forward.

Drive isn’t something that everyone naturally has. Some of us are more ambitious by nature. Sometimes it’s learned through our experiences. For some this internal instinct is built into everything that we do and it comes easy. There’s no other way to operate. I am one of those people. I’m naturally goal-oriented. I’m naturally driven. What I realized through learning about people, at work handling tasks with co-workers, and through group projects in college is that not everyone is as driven as I am. I’ve learned to be okay with the fact that everyone is not me, but the lack of motivation continues to hinder so many people around me. Those who have dreams, but never do. Not because they aren’t talented or capable enough, but honestly because they aren’t motivated to started or know how to continue when it becomes difficult or hard.

The biggest question to ask yourself is: What is my intention?

Intention is what drives you. Intention can be a singular goal or a combination of goals that lead to a desired outcome. For anyone looking to be successful, to grow, and to build these are questions you will need to ask yourself. Without intention, you’re directionless. Without direction, it’s difficult to stay motivated. This all goes hand in hand. I remind myself of this daily. I have it written down and it allows me to focus. I’ve been asked, “How can you do it all?” or better yet, “How do you have the time?”. The answer always comes back to intention and my motivation. I just want to accomplish so much. I know my goals. Now it’s all about working backwards to get there.

Since this is a question I get asked about SO much, I wanted to share just a few things I do. Hopefully some of these tips will be helpful to you too.

How can you stay motivated?

  1. Build Your Tribe

They say you are an average of the five people you hang out with most. If you want to be a millionaire, surround yourself with millionaires. If you want to be a photographer, surround yourself with photographers. I truly believe you draw on characteristics of those closest to you for both positively and negatively. You learn from each other. You build off each other’s experiences. Take a mental note of this and if you need to make some adjustments. Are those in your circle hard-working, goal-oriented, ambitious? Do they work hard to hit their goals? Do they motivate you as well as themselves?

2. Learn and Keep Learning

Never stop learning! Immerse yourself in knowledge and challenge yourself to learn everyday. Tutorials, Podcasts, Webinars, and classes are great ways to continue to learn something new. I challenge myself to listen to a podcast everyday or a tutorial on whatever topic I want to learn more about. As I learn I become more confident in my abilities to succeed and have so much desire to keep working on my goals. We don’t know everything. We learn by experience and through other people.

3. Stop thinking, DO.

This one is simple. Overthinking kills. We spend so much time thinking of how to start, how to not fail, all the things WE COULD fail at, etc. Don’t let this mindset become the barrier. JUST DO. It’s okay if it doesn’t work out, but you’ll always gain something no matter what. Learn and keep going. You won’t ever know what will work if you don’t do.

4. Track Your Progress

All your wins matter both big and small. Track your progress daily and celebrate every milestone. For me I’ve found its most helpful to journal daily and I also do goal-setting on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so I can track my progress and remain consistent so I can hit my goals! If you think I should do a blog series on goal-setting, let me know!

As always, leave a comment if you found this helpful and guess what? I created a fun infographic for you to save and share! I would appreciate the love.


3 thoughts on “The Power of Self-Motivation

  1. It’s literally like you made this post just for me: the deadlines and exams are fast approaching and the work is most definitely not getting done. Thanks for sharing these tips; I’ve gotta try a few of these!


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