What’s holding you back? Now’s the Time.

Now is the time where you can do quite literally anything you’ve been wanting to do. The world has stopped and time has paused for all of us. We’re facing a different reality, at least for a period of time.

“There’s not enough time.” “I’m too busy.” “I’m never home.” “I don’t know how to start.”

How many times have you’ve said it? How many times have you heard somebody else? I’ve been a victim of this mentality. I’ve made these claims and have come up with reasons for why I couldn’t do something or why it was too difficult to try. I’m sure you may have a dream or a passion you’ve put off on the backburner. Maybe there’s something you’ve been dying to try and just haven’t had the time to learn how to do it? I get it. I have so many passions I loved and didn’t try to make time for. For example, I LOVE doing like blogging and but now I don’t see how I could live without it again. Over the course of the last seven years… I haven’t been so focused or consistent. I’ve gone and come back. Blogged on and off….I used to say there wasn’t enough time. Often times there wasn’t. Many times there was.

Now, the world is a bit different. Amidst the current pandemic this is something that has forced millions of people to remain at home with many of us having more time than we know what to do with. Like where to start? What to do? Endless netflix binges later….. (I’ve been guilty of too much of this.)

Now is the time to fuel your passions and do things for you. Now is the time to chase that dream, learn that skill, or conquer that goal. I’ve been so fired up lately to learn and grow and I want you to be too. Now is the time for YOU. What is something you’ve wanted to do? And what has been holding you back?

My challenge for you is to START. Spend 30 days focusing on your passions, old hobbies, or learning new things… do more for you and see where it goes. You may be surprised. Here’s how you start:

Step 1: I want you to take a piece of paper and write down all the things you love and bring you joy (see mine below):

  1. Blogging
  2. Writing
  3. Photography
  4. Editing
  5. Cooking
  6. Thrifting (way too much)
  7. Mentoring
  8. Social Media
  9. Netflix
  10. Travel
  11. Sustainability

Step 2: Choose a few from your list and plan things to do during the extra time at home:

Blogging – I want to expand on one of my blog topics and introduce a new blog series by the end of April

Photography – I will challenge myself to do more at-home and creative shoots and document the behind the scenes with at least two released during April

Social Media Marketing – I will invest time in exploring more educational courses and webinars to learn more on how to expand my blog, brand, and future business opportunities.

Step 3: Create a 30 day plan of your daily and weekly goals of how you’re going to do it and help keep yourself on track: Actionable goals are always important and so is support! Have your friends, family, or fellow creatives join in and motivate each other.

I’ll be sharing my 30 day plan on my Instagram stories later this week of how I’ll be spending my extra time. I can’t wait to provide an update next month of my progress and what I learned. If you decide to do this, let me know so I can support you too! (: Have fun. Stay indoors. Keep growing. ❤



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