7 Lessons I learned at 27

How am I already 28? Sometimes I just don’t know where the time has gone.

I just celebrated by 28th birthday (shoutout to all my Taurus friends) and I’ve been doing a bit of reflection. Every year I like to sit down and think of the lessons I’ve learned the year before. We’re all growing, we’re changing. Everyday we experience different things. Every year is different. 27 was one of the best years of my life. I’m completely different than the person I was even at 26 and I’m proud of myself. #that’sgrowth

Lesson #1: Your past doesn’t define you

I think this is a lesson I’m repeatedly learning. As much as I’ve learned and have grown through the year my past comes back somehow. Whether it’s during an anxiety episode, battling relationships with family or friends, or the normal life stressors — the triggers can arise out of nowhere. I’ve learned especially during the last year that my past doesn’t define me. I’m capable of being loved, of following my dreams, of overcoming obstacles. I’m more than what I’ve been through. I’ve finally accepted the fact that I deserve amazing things too. My past is just that…the past.

Lesson #2: Please Hunny, Never Settle – NEVER SETTLE. I’ve made the mistake of settling too many times because I didn’t fully realize my worth. With friendships, relationships, jobs.. we settle for what we think we deserve. If you’re unfulfilled, unhappy, or just not satisfied that’s okay. The wonderful thing is we have the ability to do whatever we want to do. There’s always a way Most of the time it’s ourselves that get in our own way. If you have dreams and goals you want to achieve, do it. Find a way to make everything you want in life a reality. This is probably one of the most important lessons that I still struggle with, but I refuse to settle for anything again.

Lesson #3: Progress is Progress – I’ve said this so many times. Progress is freaking progress. Life is all about making 1% improvements. Consistency. Growth. Don’t let what seems like a lack of progress derail you from your gameplan or your goals. I promise you if you look back even a year prior you’re most likely in a different place than you were then. I may not be where I want to be today, but I know that progress and consistency will get me to where I know I’ll be.

Just trust the progress and the process.

Lesson #4: You’re More Than Capable – You can do anything you set your mind to. Last year I decided to start a few business ventures and great things are still in the works. Still, my fear of failure almost stopped me from not starting at all. At times I doubted (and still do) my ability to make it, to succeed.

Lesson #5: Protect your Peace: Nothing is more important than your peace and wellbeing. I haven’t always been the best about putting the proper boundaries in place when its come to other people and not doing so has cost me a lot. I’ve learned that my happiness needs to be at the forefront of every decision and situation. What’s not good for me, isn’t good for me and I’ve learned that it’s okay. However, it’s still important to continue to put yourself in the best situations where you can experience the happiness you deserve.

Lesson #6: No Risk, No Reward: Wow. This is one that goes back to Lesson #4…The fear ya’ll… it can paralyze you. However nothing worth having has ever come easy. You don’t get the MVP title without the years of hard work. No Risk. No Reward.

Lesson #7: I Am Worth Loving: Toxic relationships wreak havoc on your soul. After dealing with an abusive relationship, along with toxic friends, and environments I had enough. I had to learn my own self worth and remember I’m capable of not only love, but I’m worth so much more. More than half ass friendships, half ass relationships, and the series of bullshit that I tolerated for far too long. No more. #knowyourworth

So that’s it, seven lessons that really stuck to me at 27.. but there’s so many more that didn’t make the page.

For all my new friends, be sure to follow along and subscribe and leave a comment below of one lesson you’ve learned or remains important to you. I love you all so much! Thanks so much for the love and support. See ya next Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “7 Lessons I learned at 27

  1. These are such beautiful lessons! I especially love the one about not settling for less than you deserve. We so often just take the bare minimum as enough for ourselves when we could go for bigger goals and stronger relationships with people we care about! Happy belated birthday Jazz!



  2. Happy belated birthday my Taurus friend! I’m so glad to read all of these lessons and I totally agree with you.
    Never settle for anything less than magic
    Sending you much love


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