My Top 5 Tips for Shopping on Depop

Thrifting is no longer just for the store! With the rise of sites such as Depop you can now find thousands of unique items on your mobile phone. I am literally obsessed with Depop!

What is Depop? Depop is an mobile app marketplace where people can create their own store and list items! There’s tons of predefined cateorgies based on top-sellers, but I love the search functionality so you can also search for the specific item you’re looking for! As a creator who focuses on vintage and streetwear fashion, Depop is the hidden gem I’ve been waiting for to help me find the clothing to really complete my looks.

Still, there it is an app to get used to especially when shopping and selling your own items for the first time! If you’re interested in selling on Depop and want a specific post of tips and best-practices, leave a comment below! I’m learning to sell my own items and would love to share my experience at a later date.

Tip #1: Read the Seller Reviews – With so many sellers, it’s important to shop from those you trust! Be sure to read their recent reviews on how they conduct customer service, quality of the items listed, shipping procedures, returns, etc. If they are a new seller with little to no reviews it’s always worth giving them a chance! Every seller starts somewhere. Just be sure you communicate and ask any questions needed. The great thing of purchasing through Depop is their protection plan!

Tip #2: Check the brand and the original retail price – With each item you’re considering I always suggest to check the brand along with the retail price for that item. It’s a huge red flag if the listed price is the same or higher than the original retail price especially if the clothing has been worn before!

Tip #3: Know your size & dimensions and request them as well! – Most successful Depop sellers will include these on the listing. If they aren’t for some reason feel encouraged to ask! With the varying return policies I always want to make sure the items will fit. This is especially important for items such as jeans and pants. I’ve had great luck with shirts, but anything that will be worn more snug and fitted I would recommend to know the sizes and dimensions before you buy!

Nike Slip On Sneakers –

Tip #4: Check the photos for quality, stains, tears, etc + read the product descriptions– CHECK ALL THE PHOTOS! Successful Depop stores will have a mix of clothing worn on themselves or a model along with product shots so you can truly see how the product looks and how it can be worn. My favorite Depop sellers style the items in different ways so you get inspired yourself and envision how you would wear the item too. Along with the photos, checking the description is SO IMPORTANT! Often sellers will list not only the sizes of the item, but their sizes for reference, if it’s a bigger or small fit than listed, styling tips, etc!

Tip #5: Be Patient – Finding the perfect items on Depop takes time but it is SO worth the wait! I recommend to check the app a couple times of day and do specific searches for the items you want! For example, instead of “Nike”, search “Nike vintage tracksuit” to refine your search and narrow your focus on the items you’re likely to buy! It’s a massive marketplace with items being listed every minute. Be sure to follow the sellers you’re interested in and that list the types of clothing you’re looking for! Second, every seller ships on a different schedule. Be patient as you wait to receive your products. Some stores ship daily, others only a couple times per week! Remember we are all human and a little patience and kindness goes such a long way.

Well, there they are! My top FIVE tips for shopping on Depop! For those who love thrifting, vintage fashion, and want to make the pivot to sustainable clothing options that are better for our environment, there’s no better place to find the unique gems you’re after! Be sure to save my info-graphic below and share with your friends who love thrifting too! If you haven’t already be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you’ll early notifications for all my newest posts, and FOLLOW me on social for more daily content.

xx, Jazz

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