Content Creator 101: Building Your Community

Hi there friends. Jazz here. I thought it was time to introduce a brand new topic to the blog since we’ve been focusing a lot on sustainability! For those who are new and maybe don’t know, I’ve been working in the social media industry for the last seven years in a variety of roles from event, sales, digital and influencer marketing. I have been developing and executing social media campaigns and brand strategy for the last three years to help my former clients building partnerships with social media influencers for some of the biggest brands such as Pandora Radio, Hydroflask, McDonald’s, Bob’s Red Mill, and more.

As I think of new ways to continue to provide value, I really want to hone in on all my skillsets and also share knowledge for all the things I’m working on in my day-to-day. I currently work as a social media manager for a start up company in the Bay Area and having an eye on social is a big part of my job. I’m always learning new trends, social strategies, best practices, testing new content, paid ads, leveraging brand partnerships, etc and want to share tips that can help you on your content creator journey as well. As a content creator, creating new content is just one of our many jobs! A deep understanding of the social media space being so crucial to our long-term success. We are content creators. Marketers. Entrepreneurs. Editors. Strategists. (and a million other things). I decided to start my new series called Content Creator 101 to share a variety of topics for content creation tip and influencer marketing industry knowledge, etc by providing my unique perspective as a content creator, current brand social manager and strategist, and from working on hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns to date.

As I think about my personal journey, I’ve been blogging on and off for the last five years and creating content for just as long. Much of this time was spent with no clear direction, plan or goals for myself which hindered my growth, so when I took the leap of faith to reset and create a brand new social page for this I really had to write down my goals and my priorities without getting caught up in the vanity metrics that so many of us set to measure our success. While everyone’s goal is grow their following and presence on different social platforms, it’s just ONE of many goals you should have. There are varying ways to measure success (more on that in a future post), so for today I wanted to share one important goal that I set for the long term that really inspires all that I do here on the blog and among my social channels: Building My Authentic Community

You’re only as good as your community

Community is everything. As a content creator your community is the most important things and one of the biggest things brands are keen to watch for they are considering brand partnerships. How engaged is your audience with you and the content you produce? Are you driving conversations and more so actions? Are you inspiring others to check out the things you’re doing, the brands you’re working with, etc.

My largest goal for 2020? Building my tribe and inspiring positive interactions. Everything else is just icing on the cake! If I continue to build my community, the rest of those success metrics will always follow.

Focus on cultivating relationships, not followers

2015 me was so focused on followers. 2020 me is focused on relationships. The follower count is a metric you should pay attention to of course, but a high following shouldn’t be your biggest priority either. Vanity metrics such as following and likes have been a key metric of success for a long time, but influencer marketing has definitely grown up! Brands are savvier, smarter, and are measuring success and effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns in a difference lens by focusing on engagement. Likes, comments, retweets, etc are all types of engagement metrics. Today, a more successful way of measuring your engagement is through saves (how many times is your post saved) and shares (public reshares, shares to different social platforms). In order to drive high engagement, you have to prioritize building genuine relationships. Leading to my next tip —>

What you give is what you get

Social media is about people and community. Simply put? What you give is what you get. In order to build your own community you have to not only consistently show up and build trust with your audience, but you also need to give love too! How can you do this?

  1. Allow time to engage 30 minutes before AND after you post (don’t post and ghost 👻👻)
  2. Set goals per week for positive interactions

Be genuine in every interaction

No fake friends here. Be authentic in every interaction! As you engage with fellow creatives, your audience, brands, etc take the time to really connect in a meaningful way. When I engage, I go beyond just leaving an emoji or “cute girl” comment and focus on something positive to say. I love to read the captions (yes even the novel ones), engage on multiple posts, and my favorite is to DM them directly! Ask yourself if you’re being genuine and are making the effort to cultivate relationships and friendships or if you’re quickly going through the motions in the hopes to get something in return. I expect nothing from my community and they always show up for me. I’d like to believe it’s because I focus on this step.

Collaboration is Key

This is something I’m excited to do more of this year once it’s safe to connect with my creator friends in person but there’s so much that can be done digitally! A fun way to build relationships and support one another is through collaborations. Do you have a fun idea or topic you want to bring to life? Invite those within your niche to participate! The sky is the limit for what you can do. There’s also influencers who do photo challenges so that can be a fun way to collaborate with a group of people for a specific theme. I’m excited to reach out to a few of my fellow streetwear/thrifting queens and kings to plan some dope collaborations. I can’t wait!

What tip resonated the most with you? How are you building your community? If you loved this post and want to see more from this series leave a comment or let me know on my socials along with any questions or topics you want me to cover next.



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